How bluebain help me?

Bluebain, be your strategic partner and helps you in every possible way to make your venture grow and expand.
Also, the Bluebain consortium ecosystem helps your company valuation for stability.

Why Bluebain prefer equity and not money?

There are 2 reasons to support -
1. Equity gives us motivation as it addon to our intrinsic value, whereas a particular amount gets dramatic.
2. We are building a stable ecosystem that would benefit our partners like you, and so we will pool the amount of equity(agreed above) to consortia. Further, that pooled equity can be swap with Bluebain consortium equity as per agreed terms.

Why 2 years of time, before taking under consortium?

For Venture less than 5-year-old, it is important to make sure to check potential and various factors. 2-year time frame helps us understand your venture better, which helps us to keep a check on risk across our portfolio. Though Blubain have all rights to take exception if things look promising.

We are a 5-year-old venture, can we get under consortium?

Not specifically, we will go through your business and domain to verify. If it would fulfill our criteria, we would be happy to collaborate and work together.

Frequently asked questions